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Gazetteer Primer

Gazetteer of the Northern Realms (elsb3n)

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Elemental Powers III: Gazetteer of the Northern Realms profiles 17 prominent geopolitical regions in a d20 high magic fantasy setting.  The book is designed for both the player and the gamemaster.  For GM’s, the book can be used to flavor your own campaign or it can be used as a basis for campaigning in the Elemental Lands setting.  Each region is rich with adventuring possibilities and provides a new garden for your campaign’s growth.  The history, culture, geographical features, and important sites for nearly every region are detailed.  Not only does the book capture the essence of a new campaign world, there are plenty of chunky bits to be taken, even by those not interested in the campaign world.

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What it has to offer

The Gazetteer introduces the Native type feat.  With this feat type, GM’s and Players can customize their characters by taking feats that reflect their unique cultural upbringing.  These special feats are available only to characters that have spent a majority of their life in the regions.  New general, special, bonus and fighter type feats are detailed as well.  In fact, this sourcebook has 53 new feats.

Other chunky bits include: a magical disease that affects the older members of the barbaric tribes of the Baronian Plains, interesting NPCs, two new horses (the swift Elron and the cold tolerant Frostlander), a major artifact, a new potion, two new centaur subraces, a new half-golem race, three new prestige classes and a special bonus!

Cover art preview by artist Carlos Henry

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