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Elemental Powers III: Gazetteer Series

The EPIII series documents the major geopolitical regions in the Lands.  Beginning with the Gazetteer of the Northern Realms, these sourcebooks provide detailed information on the major cultures, nations and places in the Elemental Lands d20 fantasy role-playing game campaign setting.  Each d20 sourcebook provides plenty of chunky bits ensuring that everyone, even those that don’t use the campaign setting, will benefit from the books

Campaign Styles for the Elemental Lands

WEB BONUS:  Map of the core region in the Elemental Lands campaign setting.  

Elemental Powers III: The Gazetteers

Get all four EPIII: Gazetteers in one convenient bundle, complete with a bonus map!  Together, the bundle profiles 63 prominent geopolitical regions in a d20 high magic fantasy setting. The book is designed for both the player and the gamemaster. For GMs, the book can be used to flavor your own campaign or it can be used as a basis for campaigning in the Elemental Lands setting. 

Each region is rich with adventuring possibilities and provides a new garden for your campaigns growth. The history, culture, geographical features (including magical features), and important sites for nearly every region are detailed. Not only does the book capture the essence of a new campaign world, there are plenty of chunky bits to be taken, even by those not interested in the campaign world. 

The bundled works include:

bullet214 new feats, including feats only available to natives of specific regions
bullet17 new races
bulletNew diseases, weapons, skills, organizations & magic items
bullet4 new prestige classes and a variant cleric class
bulletSome details on campaign specific deities
bulletA host of NPCs
bullet4 new creatures & templates

Buy the Bundle for $19.99 at rpgnow (pdf).

Individual works:  There are four volumes in the EPIII series (click links to view):  

Gazetteer of the Northern Realms
elsb3s_webcover.jpg (69065 bytes) Gazetteer of the Sea Realms

e3eastcover_web.jpg (23996 bytes)

Gazetteer of the Eastern Realms
Gazetteer of the Southern Realms

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