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Bonus Material - Campaign Styles

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            The Elemental Lands is a “high magic” fantasy world.  Within this broad campaign world are areas of the Lands that can fit other campaign styles.  For example, the Sea Realms easily lend themselves to a Swashbuckler flavored campaign.  A list of useful d20 material is included beside the campaign to help you shape your campaign world. 

Aerial Adventures

Nations:  Archipelago of City States, Pirate Isles, Bucho, Noroon, Florsalz, Brigam, or Aerial Adventures

d20 Material:  Aerial Adventure Guide Series[2] Any swashbuckler material (see below)

 Knights & Nations

Campaign based on life in a feudalistic society

Nations:  Aldahe, Dwarven Incursion, Oeham, Insurrection Lands, Morhos, Vic’ba.

d20 Material: 


PCs primarily play goblinoid or monster creatures

Nations:  Aldahe, Borio, Confederation, Frigid Plains, Gangba, Goblin Incursion, Goblin Realms, Great Cleft, Histor, Horvathian Territories, Insurrection Lands, Lizard Swamp, New Sorceri, Ragrvik, Ras, Sorceri, Stone Lands.

d20 Material:  

 Oriental Adventures

Nations:  Eastern Conglomerate, Horvath, Neverland, Soo Peng

d20 Material:  Beyond Monks, Oriental Adventures

Political Intrigue

Nations:  Aldahe, Brigam, Confederation, Darkendrake, Magnum House, Oeham, Vic’ba.

d20 Material: 


Ruin Exploration

Nations:  Amazonia, Confederation, Frigid Plains, Goblin Incursion, Gray Wastes, Old Gnomie, the Sands and the Vast Ruins.

d20 Material: 

 Savage Life

Lower tech living

Nations:  Amazonia, Baronian Plains, Dark Jungles, Frigid Plains, Goblin Incursion, Gray Wastes, Great Cleft, Histor, Stone Lands, Lost Lands, Vast Ruins, Wandering Plains,

d20 Material: 

Swashbuckler Action

Nations:  Archipelago of City States, Brigam, Bucho, Citadels of Mar, Noroon, Florsalz, Pirate Isles.

d20 Material :  Dragon Magazine #273 & #301, (well adapted for an Aerial Adventures campaign as well).


PCs are part of a rebellious faction that is fighting their nation’s tyrannical leadership. They are seeking to overthrow their government, free slaves, etc.

Nations:  Archipelago of City States, Borio, Horvathian Territories, Insurrection Lands, New Sorceri, Oculus (of the Confederation), Oeham, Sorceri

d20 Material: 

 Underdark Campaign

Nations:  Undercity (the Confederation of Baronies)

d20 Material:  

 Undersea Campaign

The style defined

Nations:  Aqualincia, Ancient’s Sea, Central Sea of Mar, Dragon Sea, Great Oceanea

d20 Material:  


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