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By Sword & Spell

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A subterranean city of organized orcs are spreading mayhem across the Lands in their search for a magical dagger of incredible power.   Above the ground, a band of heroes forms to delve into the Caverns of Blood and deal with the goblinoid menace.  During their adventures, the PCs find that the orcs are the least of their worries.

By Sword & Spell is a 90+ page dungeon-based d20 fantasy adventure for four to six characters of 6th to 9th level. The module will be played over many gaming sessions providing hours of fun!

The adventure is a "traditional" dungeon delve deeper into the bowels of a large dungeon underneath one of your campaign world's cities.  For those GMs that love crunchy bits this adventure introduces a host of well-developed NPCs, two new equipment items, 12 new magical items (including two powerful relics), six new creatures, two new templates, and one new feat.  To ease the burden of game play, the adventure includes colorful maps for the GM including some "battlemaps" appropriate for miniatures.

By Sword & Spell can be used as part three of the Dark Prophet series, concluding the adventure series started in By Tooth & Claw and By Cult & Dagger) or it can easily be used as a stand-alone product.

Cyber-Enhanced:  Side Adventure Hidden Home for characters 6th and 7th level.  

GM's only:  Get this full-scale cut-out battlemap of area C1.

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Genre: High Fantasy - Generic Setting

Type:  Adventure 

Compatibility: Core d20 Rules Supported.  Requires the use of Dungeons and Dragons® Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast®.

Rule changes:  Minimal

What it has to offer the GM:

bulletHost of well-developed NPCs
bulletTwo new equipment items
bullet12 new magical items (including two powerful relics)
bulletSix new creatures and two new templates
bulletOne new feat
bulletMiniature "battlemaps"

Can fit any campaign


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By Sword & Spell ELDP3 $9.99

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