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By Cult & Dagger

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The Story

The minions of the Destroyer are ravaging the countryside. Can the PCs stop an evil cult before their sinister plan takes the lives of more innocent people?

The adventure incorporates murder, mystery, horror, and combat into a countryside that can easily be placed into your campaign world. The bad guys are colorful and sure to put your players on their toes! And for those craving new stuff, the adventure introduces two new magic items, a new creature, and a new creature template. By Cult & Dagger can be used as part one of the Dark Prophet series of adventures, or it can easily be used as a stand-alone product.  The Dark Prophet series continues with By Tooth & Claw and By Sword & Spell.

By Cult & Dagger is a 25-page site-based d20 adventure for four to six third level characters. The module can be played in one to two game sessions. The party will need to use the Knowledge, Search, Disable Device and Open Lock skills. The adventure is more colorful with a bard character in the party. The ending of the scenario can lead adventurers to a continuing campaign.

Web Enhanced - Get the short encounter, Journey to Nualo, to be used between By Cult & Dagger and By Tooth & Claw.

Poster Enhanced - Want more to show your players?  Get the map of Green's Thorp on a poster or get all the adventure's GM maps and the NPC portraits on a mini poster.

What it has to offer the GM:

bulletTwo new magical items
bulletNew creature 
bulletNew creature template
bullet28 page adventure
bulletCan fit any campaign


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By Cult & Dagger ELDP1 $6.99

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