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By Tooth & Claw

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The minions of the Destroyer are planning to take over city above.  Can the PCs stop an evil band of creatures before their leader brings the city to its knees?  Will an ancient evil be allowed to prosper in the dark halls of Undercity?

The adventure is a "traditional" dungeon delve into the bowels of Undercity.  Undercity is an Open Game Content term that can be used to describe any large dungeon underneath one of your campaign world's cities.  In By Tooth & Claw, the PCs find themselves battling under the earth for the salvation of the city above.  As always, the bad guys are colorful and sure to give your characters a run from their money.  

For those GMs that love new stuff, the adventure introduces four new magic items, a new weapon special ability, a new feat, and an outstanding cast of NPCs for you to manipulate and play.  

By Tooth & Claw can be used as part two of the Dark Prophet series of adventures (after the characters finish By Cult & Dagger) or it can easily be used as a stand-alone product.

By Tooth & Claw is a 35-page dungeon-based d20 adventure for four to six fifth to seventh level characters.  The module can be played in two or three game sessions. The party will need magical weapons and a few hefty fighters and healers to survive.  The ending of the scenario can lead adventurers to a continuing campaign.

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Special alternate cover: Our cover artist Steve Cook did a wonder job on the "blue cover" that comes standard with this product.  But, some of you wanted a black and white cover that could be easily printed.  For this, we turned to artist Derek Stevens. He provided us with the main picture for this black and white special alternate cover.  Now you have two great covers for your adventure!  Both covers included on edition.

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Interior artwork & graphics  in product are black and white images.

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Genre: High Fantasy - Generic Setting

Type:  Adventure 

Compatibility: Core d20 Rules Supported.  Requires the use of Dungeons and Dragons® Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast®.

Rule changes:  Minimal

What it has to offer the GM:

bullet34 pages with illustrations and maps
bulletFour new magic items
bulletNew weapon special ability
bulletInteresting cast of NPCs that can stay in your campaign.
bulletEasily expandable with a call for GM's to expand and submit their work for publication!
bulletIntroduces some aspects of the upcoming Elemental Lands Sourcebook I, Elemental Powers, including the new feat Elementalist

Can fit any campaign


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By Tooth & Claw ELDP2 $6.99

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