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This 69 page .pdf is a d20 supplement designed specifically for Game Masters!  It allows you to extend your current campaign by bringing in new diseases, creatures, & races to vex your players!  Buy it at RPGNow.

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What it has to offer:

bulletNotes on taxes, tithes & NPCs of the Elemental Lands.
bulletDescribes 18 new diseases.
bulletFour new prestige classes
bulletThe Demigod - Walk the line between mortality and godliness.
bulletEye Scribe - This beholderkin class absorbs magical energy.
bulletYinmal - Forget the balance of yin and yang, skew your monk towards the dark powers of yin!
bulletThe Featist - Specializes in gaining feats.
bulletHow to use the esoteric Dragon Gates in the Elemental Lands.
bulletTwo feats.
bulletDescription of 40 new creatures.
bulletDetails on five new templates.
bulletSix new character races.


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Genre: High Fantasy

Type:  Game System Supplement 

Compatibility: Core d20 Rules Supported.  Requires the use of Dungeons and Dragons® Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast®.

Rule changes:  Extensions (optional rules)

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Elemental Powers II:  GMs Sourcebook ELSB2 $7.99 $9.99




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