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Tile Sets 1 & 2- $2.99

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Need some extra tiles for your battle maps?  We've got them for you.  "Tile Sets 1 & 2" has 38 tiles of 25 different creatures.  These tiles can be cut out and used with most standard battle maps.  The tiles include the following:


Usable with the adventure By Cult & Dagger

Carrion Crawler - unique tile

Bender (male twisted elf) - unique tile

Ma'Hag (evil male dwarf) - unique tile

Seliantha (female half-elf) - unique tile

Cultist #1 (evil humanoid) - unique tile

Cultist #2 (evil humanoid) - unique tile

Cultist (evil male human) - four tiles

Orc Warrior #1 - three tiles

Orc Warrior #2 - three tiles

Stroyei - unique tile

Marla (female human)- unique tile, with a new stat block

Usable with the adventure By Tooth & Claw

Lady Roja (female human) - unique tile

Lady Roja (surprise) - unique tile

Yokr (female half-orc) - unique tile

Gortun (male werewolf) - unique tile

Dargor (male fiendish werewolf) - unique tile

Old Tooth (male mad werewolf) - unique tile

Quera (wererat) - unique tile

Kylee (female human) - unique tile

Temptress #1 - unique tile

Temptress #2 - unique tile

Temptress #3 - unique tile

Werewolf (hybrid form) - four tiles

Dire Tiger & Tiger- one  tile each

Dire Wolves (Worgs) - three tiles


Samples of Tiles


Bonus Feature

Usable battle map detailing an antechamber with a fountain and an evil altar room.  A small scale image of the map is presented below.

Larger chamber with altar on northern wall, blood trail leads out barred escape tunnel.  Bronze doors open (the one on the right is broken).  Great show-down room close-combat encounter.  

What creature has escaped the room leaving a blood trail behind?  Perhaps a captive the PCs were looking for was taken away by an evil cleric.  The PCs must battle the cleric's underlings and then safely pass the lowered gate to pursue their mission.

Southern anteroom has fountain in center.  Side rooms perfect for placing a few guards.  What secrets does the fountain hold?



Description U # Price
Tile Sets 1 & 2 TS1 $2.99

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