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The Elven Isle 

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An eccentric sage recruits the PCs to find the lost elven civilization of Ysilmede. The party sets out across the seas on the back of a flying whale.   The PCs are pitted against strange new creatures, environmental dangers, and magical challenges.  They expect to find the ruins and treasures of a powerful ancient civilization.  What they discover will surprise and challenge the PCs!

This adventure involves overland campaigning on a tropical island fraught with environmental dangers.  The tropical island is easily placed in your campaign.  

The Elven Isle is a 27 page location-based d20 (v3.5 compatible) generic fantasy adventure for four to six characters of 7th to 9th level. Encounters are set-up for a party of four 9th level characters.  Guidelines for reducing the ELs to 7 and 8 are given for most encounters.

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What it has to offer:

bulletStand alone "drop-in" adventure
bulletNew artifact
bulletNew magic item
bulletInteresting NPCs
bulletThree new creatures (two previously detailed in EPII)

Can fit any d20 campaign (v3.5)


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